Reasons to Sell Treasure at Tampines Easily

Reasons to Sell Treasure at Tampines Easily

What is a Subsale unit?

A sub-sale is defined as a customer bought unit from the developer and then he sell his unit to other buyer before the completion of TOP. A unit buying at the developer and selling before TOP to other buyer is called subsale unit.

For example, if you buy a unit in new launch project which will TOP after four years, but you will sell your unit after three years, this means a subsale.

What is the Difference Between Subsale and Resale?

Resale property is nothing but buying a unit and selling unit after the completion of the property to other buyer and for the subsale property, it is slightly difficult as 3 members involved. In this first developer will launch the project, then developer will sell whole project before TOP. After one of the buyer will buy a unit in new launch project. After 3 years before TOP, buyer will sell their property to make profit before TOP to another buyer.

Due to the current stamp duties, the original buyer will need to pay Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) because he/she has not owned the property for at least 4 years, and will probably mark up the price just to break-even.

For example, Treasure at Tampines is a project which is launched by the developer in the year 2019 and its TOP will be in the year 2023. So people who bought a unit in Treasure at Tampines in the year 2019 can sell their property now and make profit before TOP.  Those who are looking for property investment, they can buy other new launch property.

Why is Treasure at Tampines easy for selling?

Because of the following reasons Treasure at Tampines is easy to sell to other buyer.

First point is located at a housing estate where more than 200,000 HDB housings are available. Limited condos available in tampines street. So, many of the HDB upgraders resident near the treasure at tampines. Upgraders mostly try to buy private properties like Treasure at Tampines condo. Now subsale units are available in Treasure at Tampines, most of the HDB upgraders choose to buy a unit in Treasure at Tampines. There is more potential buyers and demand for the Treasure at Tampines units chance.

Second reason is there are more than 2000 units in this development, generating a greater volume of transaction. This, in turn, would result in higher selling prices. Selling price than the previous. This is because every seller would not want to sell lower than what they have bought and to make a loss in their transaction. Therefore, they are likely to compare and benchmark with the recent transactions.

Third point is at a low entry price when buyers buy direct from the developer, the gain over this purchase is a given. When these buyers decide to sell their units subsequently, they would be able to price their units competitively, despite having already gained in the capital appreciation.

So now there is a chance to sell your unit before TOP and you can make profit. I am the resident agent of Treasure at Tampines and I am also invested in this project while working with this property from launch. So I analysed the rental rate and resale price, I have also invested in Treasure at Tampines. Contact me for any queries I am ready to clear all your doutes and help you in property investment.

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Why to Buy Treasure At Tampines?

Why to Buy Treasure At Tampines?

Reasons to Buy Treasure at Tampines

Treasure At Tampines is a best-selling project in the OCR region, which is located in D18 (Tampines Lane). This project is successfully attracting a good number of people in Tampines, not only in Tampines but also in other regions. Keeping this demand and sales of a condo in consideration, many reputed builders have come up with new projects.

Condominium projects effectively pull in purchasers inferable from their enticing work and plan. Townhouses are more engaging than a conventional house or any leasing loft. There are different advantages because of which a decent number of individuals in Singapore are moving into a condo complex. The ubiquity of townhouses in Tampines has become amazing since the dispatch of Water-see along Tampines Avenue 1. From that point forward, not many more apartment suite projects were likewise generally welcomed by property purchasers.

Among every one of these activities, Treasure at Tampines apartment suite is quite possibly the most talked-about project in 2021. Because of the shortage of all-around built, created, and kept up apartment suite projects, this specific townhouse project encountered a monstrous interest from the purchasers. Another critical factor that raised its interest was its nearness to an MRT station and Tampines Hub.

There are some reasons to choose Treasure At Tampines are:

1. Convenience and Accessibility at Treasure at Tampines:

         Accommodation is the key when you are picking your optimal home. The Treasure at Tampines is advantageous as it is situated in Tampines heartland where the conveniences are close by like NTUC Supermarket, where you can buy your food supplies there. At Tampines, it is additionally acclaimed and mainstream for the Tampines Retail Park, Courts, Giant and IKEA. These carry more choices to purchase furniture at Courts, IKEA and not to neglect, the awesome food that IKEA sells and new vegetables and organic products at Giant.

  • It is relatively close to not 1 but 3 MRT Stations
  • Access to Health Facilities

2. Amenities within the vicinity of Treasure at Tampines 

        With Treasure at Tampines, you will not face the problems of not being able to find necessities or entertainment. It is a maisonette. At the Treasure at Tampines, there are 2 Children’s Playgrounds, an Activity Room, parking lots available at the car park, and the maisonette is protected by the 24 hours security.

Within the vicinity of Treasure at Tampines, there are many malls surrounding it. There is Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, and Century Square. Century Square, a 6-story shopping mall, which opened in 1995, is newly renovated in one year.

  • Century Square and Tampines Mall
  • Tampines Hub

3. Schools near Tampines At Treasures

  • Kindergarten and Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Polytechnics and Universities

4. Job Opportunities nearby Treasure at Tampines:

       With immense organizations arranged there, inhabitants can appreciate the brief distance heading out to organizations like Seletar, Changi Airport, Standard Chartered, DBS, IBM, and Changi Business Park, which might actually be potential open positions for occupants. As this is a decent area, OCBC and UOB have likewise moved to work here, including large workplaces like Hitachi and Singapore Airlines.

5. Must-See Attractions near Treasure at Tampines:

  • Nature Parks

      Other than the incredible shopping centers and conveniences, in the event that you are a fanatic of genuine nature and love touring, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Tampines Eco Green Park, and MacRitchie Reservoir are parks worth a visit. Tampines Eco Green Park is connected by means of park connectors from Tampines Biking Trail and Sun Plaza Park, where you and your friends and family can investigate and make the most of its magnificence with the verdure. It is known for bird watching and nature appreciation. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the features of many, where there is an off-road bicycle trail and there are even occasions held, for example, a stroll with monkeys to study their group of friends and the local area. 

For individuals who love the outside, for sprinters, water sports aficionados, and nature sweethearts, the attractions around MacRitchie Reservoir are simply catered particularly for you. It is the biggest repository in Singapore where it is a piece of a water catchment framework that catches downpour and water. At the MacRitchie Reservoir, there is a treetop walk where you can see at a 10,000 foot perspective of the plants and creatures that live in the woodland shade. It is at the most noteworthy point at the MacRitchie Reservoir, at the well-known unsupported engineered overpass that is 250 meters. The nature strolling trail circle is 11 kilometers in length, and for the individuals who love exciting exercises, you can even lease kayaks at the Paddle Lodge and have some good times in the water. At the Paddle Lodge, there is an assigned region for fledglings and another territory for experienced paddlers.

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